j'aime mon quartier, je ramasse [2007–2016 ]

during my first years in paris, finding and keeping notes, photographs, letters, etc. became a way to better know the city and to create my own topography and visual anecdotage. every photo, every note revealed certain aspects of my neighbourhood, and obscured others: who discarded such personal items so lightly? what was the story behind them?

j'aime mon quartier, je ramasse was a long term project that started with an exhibition held in 2007 at the gallery of the cité des arts in paris. a diaporama of notes and photographs i had found during my years as active flâneuse was projected onto a large window, alternating images and a message that read: is this yours? have you lost anything? inquire here. inside, mounted on a wall, were all the objects, framed, numbered and signed: transformed into “art pieces”, thus owners could identify and claim their objects, and take them home with added value. obviously, they weren't claimed.

because each object (regardless of its insignificance) has the possibility of a story, i've asked a large number of talented writers to claim these objects as if they belong to them and write stories for them.
you can read the at j'aime mon quartier, je ramasse (losers, keepers).

in 2016, this project became a part of the three-part installation plan de parís.