malling in kl * [2006]

[*the title of this project comes from a quote by pakistani writer ziauddin sardar : “malling, as i named the act of wandering aimlessly around the innumerable shopping centres that sprout up everywhere like a secondary jungle undergrowth...” (the consumption of kuala lumpur, reaktion books, london, 2000).]

sound project installed on the system of a shopping mall in kuala lumpur, malaysia. with the collaboration of: akta angkasa, babasónicos, couple, deepset, el perro del mar, chris funkhouser, siew-wai kok , lasser moderna, ochiqueochenta, titán and sau bin yap + jordan tan.

this project is part of a series made while in artistic residency in kuala lumpur, malaysia.

from the french presentation text:

the project of invading the sound system of a shopping mall de luxe with a soundtrack that played continuously in elevators and common areas. came about as part of an artistic residency in kuala lumpur. we were invited by the malaysian ministry of culture and the french consulate to intervene the space of kuala lumpur's finest shopping mall. while exploring the potential work spaces between the louis vuitton and dior boutiques and the fine art galleries on the top floor, there was a certain something that kept me from fully enjoying this glazed experience, a constant buzz, if you will. by the end of the day I will go back to the hotel humming to the complete works of the gypsy kings (easy listening version). unable to afford myself a nice watercolour from a local artist, i came home with starhill's sound system's playlist ingrained...[click here to continue reading]