one day, one trace [2003-2006]

letter, object and image exchange project made in collaboration with mariana castillo-deball during the summer of 2003. in 2006 the documentation of one of the exchanges was featured in the report (not announcement): transitionary report on the state of mobility at the beginning of the 21st century by curator binna choi.

introductory text from report (not announcement):
“in 2003, daniela franco together with mariana castillo started a collaborative project.
daniela was living in france and mariana in holland. the project started as an experiment in micro- sociology of our interactions with mundane objects and activities. if we were to make a record of our everyday life, many times what stays with us is a collection of bits and pieces such as receipts, tickets, pieces of paper, empty bags, and so on. they are all leftovers of a transaction, an activity or a place.

our initial curiosity was how much these fragments actually tell, how are they connected with certain events in our surroundings, and if it is possible to guess the other’s routine from them. as traces of an experience, we wanted to displace this experience and use them as a point of origin for subsequent narratives, trying to stretch our imagination and build up a story out of crumbs. [click here to continue reading]