plan de parís [2016]

this project is a collaborative series of three topographic installations. this series uses personal diaries, archives, and collections to create alternative maps of paris that follow a personal topography and have no practical usefulness.

the series is formed by tentativa de agotar una calle parisina (an attempt at exhausting a place in paris), topografía anecdótica de parís (an anecdoted topography of paris), and j'aime mon quartier, je ramasse (roughly: i love my neighbourhood, i pick up -- taken from a parisian campaign to encourage (dog) walkers to keep the city clean).

the main installation of this trilogy corresponds to the final stage of a ten year long project by the same name, a collaboration with more than 25 writers and poets. the result was displayed on a 3 x 14 meter wall and consisted of a map of paris with the location where i found notes, photographies, boarding passes... when walking around the city. each location lead to an object, each object to a text in which a writer pretends to be the person who lost that note, photo... and tells its story.

visit the project's website for pictures of found objects, writers' bios, and texts.