sandys at waikiki [1999-2009]

this project comprises a collection of 600 slides found in san francisco at the end of the 1990s and all the different outlets for their archiving and classification.

the images date from 1940-60s and in them we see the same northern california family at birthdays, graduations, and travels. the slides were probably discards the family patriarch —an amateur photographer— had thrown away. for many years i kept them as such: a collection of intriguing images with an accidental contemporary aesthetic.

in 2003 they became a video collaboration video collaboration about exile from a place one has never been to and nostalgia for other people's past.

later in 2008 a new classification and review of the sandys slide collection led to a book that, in collaboration with twelve writers, presented the result in documents and photographs of collective research for the sandys family origin.