topografía anecdótica de parís [2016]

this project is part of a collaborative series of three topographic installations under the name plan de parís. this series uses personal diaries, archives, and collections to create alternative maps of paris that follow a personal topography and have no practical usefulness.

the series is formed by j'aime mon quartier, je ramasse and tentativa de agotar una calle parisina. the third topography in this project, topografía anecdótica de parís (an anecdoted topography of paris), is named and based on daniel spoerri's book, an anecdoted topography of chance and a diary of coincidences, personal anecdotes, and insignificant but recurrent events of my everyday in paris from 2002 to 2015.

for the series plan de parís, illustrator luis safa and i created a temporary topographic mural based on the diary.