He decidido permanecer en silencio [2004]

i have decided to remain silent is a three-installation project made in-situ for a public university building in mexico. the intervention took place in the main walked-through areas of the university and its aim was to create a dialogue between the three pieces, with the building and the people that work, study and visit.

this project uses only appropriated words [installation part one], images, and sound [installation part two], re-contextualizing them through editing.

the common denominator of this project is insufficiency. inadequacy to communicate with others through its own resources, with its own language. he decidido permanecer en silencio is, then, about dialogue, language and mostly silence as needed subterfuges for insufficiency.

this is the third installation of the project: a double screen video installed and projected on a staircase landing area. the two videos show contrasting scenes from different movies (all part of a personal vhs collection). many of the scenes are transitional —echoing the space they were projected onto— not indispensable to the plot.
[click here for a better quality version of this video]