sandys at waikiki (the family i never had) [2003]

this project is part of a series based on a collection of 600 slides found in san francisco at the end of the 1990s. the slides date from 1940-60s and portray the same family at birthdays, graduations, and travels. they were probably discards the family patriarch —an amateur photographer— had thrown away. for many years i kept them as such: a collection of intriguing images with an accidental contemporary aesthetic.

in 2003 they became a video collaboration with nacho canut (a key figure for madrid's la movida in the 1980s) who created a soundtrack for it. the original piece was shown as a loop and consisted of a family style diaporama filmed with a video camera (creating a double focus delay for each slide) and a sound mix of doo-wop, doris day and 2000's synthpop.

sandys at waikiki (the family i never had) was made for an exhibition at valenzuela klenner comprising artists that live "elsewhere" or have returned to a place they no longer belong to. unable to relate to the subject, this project became about temporal exile rather than spatial: detached nostalgia for a other people's past and the endless travel of return.