face b : remix

falta esto

project and website archive of sound related images created in parallel to an exhibition presented at la Maison rouge, an art center in paris. face b (b-side, in French), consisted of three sections: longplay, single, and remix.

remix shows records that have been selected by different writers from daniela franco’s record collection; this sections includes exclusive and unexpected record reviews by Juan Villoro, Christian Garcin, Christophe Claro, Alain-Paul Mallard, Guillermo Sheridan, Nicholas Richard, and Daniel Levin Becker, Frédéric Forte, and Ian Monk from the Oulipo.

you can read the reviews on face b’s minisite.

in collaboration with

  • Christian Garcin, Daniel Levin-Becker, Alain-Paul Mallard, Ian Monk, Nicholas Richard, Guillermo Sheridan and Juan Villoro.